Another 52 Guitars, week 51—Koloss GT-4 Guitar Kit

With this second-last entry in the Another 52 guitars series, I wanted to try something different. Well, every guitar in this series has been something different, but this one has that little something extra. The Koloss GT-4 Guitar Kit is a guitar you put together yourself.

Also, it’s an aluminium body, so there’s that too.

I don’t know a great deal about these kits as I understand they are relatively new—the kit component of the Koloss business at least. Still, from what I’ve read, even with some quality control issues in the kits, the company has been working hard to not only continually improve that, but to also work with anyone who hasn’t received all they thought they’d receive.

That approach makes me keen to see how these guitars are.

The pieces you get in each kit are:

  • Chambered Aluminum—I’d call that aluminium where I come from—guitar body
  • Carbon fibre neck and fretboard
  • 24 frets
  • Dual humbuckers (BH-23B and BH-23N)
  • Master volume and tone
  • Pickup switches for each pickup
  • Real-parts stander steel SB-60 bridge
  • KOLOSS 1:22 machine heads
  • Knurled dome knobs

I’ve not found a video online yet, but the kit photograph absolutely has peaked my interest. Even the blue and pink options are tempting!

In regards to affordability, I feel like the current $359USD price range is very fair for this guitar build. In regards to uniqueness, this guitar ticks that box as well as any other guitar I’ve had in this list all year.

It’s a tempting guitar that looks awesome and is certain to stand out from the pack no matter what colour you choose.

I’d absolutely choose black or white 🙂

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