Another 52 Guitars, week 52—FU-Tone FU Pro Guitars

Last in the list and potentially the perfect next guitar. The FU-Tone FU Pro Guitars Black model is a brand new release from FU-Tone and it may end up being the next guitar I try to convince my wife that I need.

Bring it on 2021!

Before I get into what may be the longest post in this series, I need to point out that I do have a guitar with an FU-Tone humbucker pickup in it. I’ve wanted to make a video of that pickup for the longest time, but I suffer from confidence issues and need that video to be right. Knowing how amazing that pickup is made me incredibly excited when I heard the FU Pro Guitars had been released.

If the rest of these guitars are anywhere near as high a quality as the pickups are, I know these guitars are going to rock.

So, let’s focus on what is probably the most important feature list from any guitar in this article series to date.

  • FU-Tone FU2 locking tremolo
  • EVH D-Tuna
  • 42mm Big Brass ‘L’ block
  • Brass claw and claw screws
  • Brass tremolo stopper
  • Titanium string lock inserts
  • Two red heavy duty noiseless springs
  • FU-Tone humbucker bridge 15.5K output
  • FU-Tone humbucker neck 10K output
  • Mini-toggle coil tap switches for each individual humbucker
  • Both pickups mounted on the FU-Tone Pickup Mounting System (PMS)
  • Kill switch

That feature list is purely the FU-Tone accessory list that many people have previously paid top dollars for to enhance their existing guitars. These are standard features on all FU Pro Guitars models. That is mind blowing.

The regular guitar features are also impressive. They would be:

  • Alder body (San Dimas style)
  • Single volume knob
  • Three-way pickup switch
  • Schaller style strap lock pins
  • Maple neck
  • Maple or ebony fretboard (I’d go for maple)
  • FU Harpoon headstock
  • Gotoh style mini tuners
  • Spring cavity access cover is clear plastic
  • Heavy duty gig bag included

Yay! No tone control knob! I’ve loved guitars that do this for years.

It may be a small design feature, but I love the look of the clear plastic cover on the back of the guitar for the spring cavity. If you’re going to get a guitar with all of these FU-Tone accessories in it, why not show them off?!

Of course, we all need to know how these guitars play and how these guitars sound. Luckily, FU-Tone have that covered for us as well with this cool video demo that covers all kinds of genres, styles and tones.

As you can see and hear, by having the individual coil split switches paired with the use of the pickup selector in the middle position, the tonal options get multiplied.

Clean and overdriven tones sound amazing on this guitar. The look is a classic super-strat style that reminds me of the awesomeness of the 80s when guitars ruled the world. Perhaps with the FU Pro Guitars, they once again can.

Now, please excuse me while I try to convince my wife that I need one of these in 2021.

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