Another 52 Guitars, week 44—Hamer Archtop

Here are some true and funny facts. Firstly, I am still way behind in my scheduling for this series of articles. Secondly, I shouldn’t be behind as the list is already written. It’s been written for a while now. Thirdly, when I recently caught up with a friend and he told me son had recently bought a guitar by Hamer Guitars, I thought “I’m pretty sure their Archtop guitar is in my article series”.

It was (unpublished). It now is (you’re reading it).

I’ve seen Hamer Guitars around for years. Partly because I’ve been around for years and also because the Hamer Guitars brand has also been around for a very long time. The Archtop is actually based off their Studio body shape that was introduced back in 1977. That’s in the previous century for you youngsters.

I’ve often admired the soft, double cutaway guitar body shape and the Archtop does it beautifully. It just looks like a comfortable guitar to play with easy access to all the high notes for solo guitar players with skills beyond mine.

The Humbucker pickups are Hamer’s own build and each comes with its own volume control (with a single tone control). As far as I’m aware, the only finish currently available is the transparent black and I am 100% OK with that. Add the binding to that and the guitar simply looks beautiful.

Looks are one thing—so I’m told—but sounds are another thing. That’s not a real saying, but it should be. So, what does this guitar sound like?

Well, I don’t know about you, but I think that sounds amazing.

I find the controls placement to be unusual, but very usable. As you may notice in the video above, having the pickup selector behind the bridge still keeps it within reach when strumming and needing to switch from rhythm to lead tones.

The Hamer Archtop is a sexy guitar that looks and sounds killer. I’m definitely jealous of my friend’s son now.

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