Another 52 Guitars, week 45—Equilibrium Guitars Masai

Regular readers of this slow moving and constantly late article series will know that I’m attempting to find Another 52 guitars that are all different from the original series I wrote back in 2013. The selection criteria is fairly basic at its core—find a guitar that offers something I don’t already have.

The Masai by Equilibrium Guitars reads like a feature list of all the things I don’t have in a guitar already.

Before I get to that, here’s a list of the features this guitar includes that all of my guitars already have:

  • Guitar body
  • Guitar neck
  • Guitar strings
  • Pickups

That’s a lot to love already. I like all of those things! But the features this guitar includes that I’m fondest of are the features I don’t have already. They’d be:

  • Fully carved guitar body (it’s so slender!)
  • Heel-less neck-through body
  • Split headstock design
  • The ability to further customise this guitar to your own specifications (this is the one that I like the most).

Even though this guitar is already incredibly unique, the options to go further down the customisation path are incredibly appealing. Just looking at the guitars in the official Masai gallery you can see six string options, seven string options and eight string options. The body finish options range from transparent wood stains to decal-loaded body tops.

The control options also range from what I’d call regular controls to something NASA would be proud of. All of these customisation options become apparent when you take a scroll through the Masai’s custom order form. There are seven steps of customisation and all of the options look amazing.

Another thing that this website’s regular readers will know about me is that I am rather fond of black and/or white guitars. Therefore I am very happy to share this official video by Equilibrium Guitars that features a beautiful black seven string version of their Masai guitar.

I’d expect this guitar to be brutally awesome in the high gain distortion realm. It didn’t disappoint there. It was also nice to see and hear that a seven string guitar can also be used to play something clean. The Masai did that nicely too.

It’s a beautiful and original guitar design. If I was a better guitar player I’d be able to justify another purchase to my wife. So, don’t mind me … I’m off to practice my guitar playing skills. I have a reason to improve now.

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