Another 52 Guitars, week 46—Sturner Guitars 1129

When it comes to guitar body and headstock shape uniqueness, I feel like the Sturner Guitars 1129 is probably one of the winners in this article series. The geometric design for both is very different. Different and cool.

I love how the lines from the headstock align with the lines of the body shape. The way your eye can go from one to the other and draw connections is very cool.

Have I mentioned cool yet?

The alignment of the two volume and two tone controls is another design element I’m quite fond of. The flow of elements is nicely designed and remains practical. The control layout isn’t one I’d consider for constant and speedy switches between volume and tone settings while playing, but that isn’t something I ever have to consider on any guitar.

The 1129 comes standard with Gotoh bridge and machine heads and hand wound bridge and neck pickups. These features should mean the guitar plays and sounds as good as it looks.

Luckily the Interwebs has videos to let us check up on these things.

I still think this guitar is cool. Both in looks and in playability and tone. The guitar looks comfortable to me, 100% unique and designed in a way that brings something new to an instrument that’s mostly remained unchanged in decades.

I’d love to see more about this guitar. The concept is unique and as mentioned a few times already … very cool.

I’m all for it.

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