Another 52 Guitars, week 43—Frank Brothers Guitars Arcade

I’m lucky enough to already have more guitars than my skillset warrants. My small collection allows me to pick and choose each day between something traditional and something a bit more … pointy. What if you feel the need to play something a bit pointy, but also a bit traditional at the same time?

That’s when the Frank Brothers Guitars Arcade would be incredibly handy. #want

The body shape of the Arcade has the traditional curved body shape at its base, but an almost Explorer feel to its double cutaways. In my opinion the combination looks amazing. Luckily for me, the uniqueness of the Arcade doesn’t stop there.

The attention to detail throughout the wood work and construction of the Arcade is honestly a thing of beauty. The tenon at the base of the neck is deeper than most guitars would have and the way the neck wood is blended into the guitar body is incredibly smooth.

When you notice the details like the diamond volute at the back of the guitar headstock and the rolled edges of the fretboard you really begin to notice that the attention to detail on this guitar is intense.

It’s optional, but the clear cover to the electronics that you access on the rear of the guitar is another great finishing touch. It’s honestly one detail after another that continues to impress on this guitar.

Of course, there’s more to any guitar than pure looks. There’s also playability and sound. Get ready to tick those boxes too.

Of course for me, the finishes applied to the guitar in this video are perfect. That combination of black and white on this body shape is simply beautiful. The black P90 pickups … definitely a guitar worth looking at.

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