Namecheap—it’s where I do my Interwebs hosting

If you’re reading this, you’re on my website. Aren’t the Interwebs awesome like that?! For all of my Interwebs domain wrangling and hosting, I use Namecheap. There are several reasons and I thought I’d use my own small piece of online real estate to point out some of those reasons why.

Let’s have at it!

There’ll be links a-plenty in this post. Some may make me small amounts of affiliate monies that I’ll then use to keep this very website functioning. Some may also save you monies—actually, they all will.

This is one of the reasons I have been with Namecheap for the many years I have been with them. Savings. Discounts. Coupons. Deals. Freebies. Namecheap has a lot of them. Here are a few examples.

Free Whois Privacy Protection (new orders and renewals)

If you’re like me, you value guitars and privacy. Sometimes they go hand in hand. Sometimes you simply value your privacy because you don’t want every man and his dog emailing you with spam, scams and shams.

Random question … Do women and their dogs also send shoddy emails? I hope not.

Without Whois privacy, your likelihood of getting those emails is high. Other hosting providers I’d used in the past charged for Whois privacy. Namecheap doesn’t roll that way.

Namecheap provides free Whois privacy protection.

Great Savings on EV SSL Certificates

If you have a website, you must have an SSL certificate. Nobody likes going to a website where the browser essentially says to you “Are you sure? This website doesn’t seem trustworthy?!” It’s an essential part of hosting a website. There’s no need to pay full price for that requirement though.

Discounted SSL certificates are better than full price SSL certificates. I believe that’s a science fact.

As someone who’s partially technically savvy, I also love that the Namecheap process for applying SSL certificates is relatively easy. Otherwise my website would probably still be waiting for me to apply the SSL certificate it has.

Fun fact … I just renewed my SSL certificate and forgot one simple step in the activation. One quick support call later and the Namecheap crew had pointed me to the solution that saw my site looking all pretty again within minutes. All without calling me an idiot!

Discounted domain registrations

Every website needs a domain name. It’s your website’s personality and brand. It represents who you are online. It should represent your ability to recognise the power of saved money through discounted domain purchasing—you are one savvy web guru! Namecheap helps here too.

99% off selected domains? Namecheap does that. 50% off domains transferred to Namecheap? They do that too. I could go on. Namecheap seriously offers a multitude of domain deals. You’d be mad to pay full price for a domain name in your first year of ownership these days.

Namecheap also lets you check your domain availability right here. Handy, right?!

Find a domain starting at $0.88

powered by Namecheap

Discounted domains. Awesome. The reason I stayed with Namecheap though?

Reliable and affordable web hosting

My website isn’t large. This content isn’t generating a truckload of traffic. Still, I want my website to be reliable and available for the visitors who come during the times they choose to visit. What first drew me in to the Namecheap shared hosting was the 50% off first year hosting deal. The full price I’ve been paying since then has remained affordable and always been reliable.

If you need a little bit more, Namecheap also offer discounted VPN hosting and dedicated WordPress hosting. Options galore!


I use Namecheap for my domain name management, SSL certificates, WHOIS privacy and website hosting. There are plenty of linked examples above. If you’re reading this, the services I pay for are working.

Feel free to check Namecheap out for yourself. While you do, I’ll be here doing my thing while Namecheap continues to make my things available online. Go team!

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