Another 52 Guitars, week 42—Prisma Guitars Diavolo

Continuing with my late year catch-up game in the Another 52 guitars series is a guitar as unique as my apparent approach to how weeks work in a year. Luckily, the Diavolo by Prisma Guitars is a lot more impressive than my ability to schedule regular content.

Guitars made out of skateboards. I could almost leave my written content there. That could be the post.

The fact that this series of guitars is also currently sold out could be another post ender. But it’s not. This isn’t a list of guitars that I could and would buy right now—I don’t have that kind of money. No, this is a list of guitars that I see uniqueness in that I’d gladly include in my own mild-mannered collection of guitars.

There aren’t many guitars more unique than this one.

I really love the body shape of the Diavolo with it’s easy access to all frets due to the double cutaways. Added to that the use of skateboard materials in the body creates a very beautiful finish that is also going to guarantee an element of uniqueness to every build.

Custom guitars are very appealing and this guitar has that in spades.

Beyond the obvious skateboard element of “I sure don’t have a guitar like this one” are a few more more regular elements that can be listed that I don’t already have in a guitar.

  • Semi-hollow body
  • McNelly Stagger Swagger pickups
  • Brazillian Walnut fretboard

Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to find a video that is particularly focussed on the Diavolo, but the following video about the Prisma Guitars approach to their guitars generally is a seriously good piece of viewing. Check them out. I love what they’re doing.

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