Another 52 Guitars, week 41—Rivolta Guitars Combinata VII

There’s this guy I know and admire—let’s call him Brad—who has often mentioned his love for Novo Guitars. He may even have one of the Novo Guitars models himself—he absolutely does. So when I was putting this list together, I knew I had to look into the Novo options because Brad is wise.

When I discovered Novo Guitars had a whole other line using the name Rivolta Guitars, I became intrigued. Then I saw the Combinata VII and became sad. I was sad that I didn’t already have one of these guitars. Still, I have the ability to fix that one day.

Happiness returns!

The Combinata VII has an amazing sense of style in a guitar that also comes with features that seem to make it an incredibly playable guitar as well. 24 frets of easy access on a neck that has a very unique approach to fret inlays is one of the many aspects that showcase the combination of form and function.

I’m also a fan of the P90 pickups, wraparound bridge and beautifully designed pickguard. The finish options for the guitar don’t hurt either—there are so many options!

I can’t put it into words—which is a problem when writing a blog post—but there’s something about this guitar’s design that appeals to me from a classic and futuristic aspect at the same time.

The video below showcases perfectly how this broad visual appeal also translates to the audio capabilities of the guitar.

Several styles all made available through the one guitar. That alone is a good reason to include this guitar in my 2020 list of dream guitars. The fact that I find the guitar to be quite sexy is another. Don’t tell anyone, but I’d even consider owning a guitar like this if it wasn’t black or white.

Seriously, don’t tell anybody that. I like to think I have a reputation here.

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