Another 52 Guitars, week 40—Anderson Guitarworks Bobcat

At first glance, there may not be much that makes the Anderson Guitarworks Bobcat stand out from the pack. Upon closer inspection however, there are several finer details that make this guitar a serious contender for any other single cutaway electric guitar out there.

That’s why it’s in my list!

One of the design elements I really love about this guitar is the countersunk element that is applied to the bridge, tailpiece and pickups. That has to create an improved action and feel from a playing perspective. Playability and design combining makes me a happy guitar lover.

Another small element is the shape and angle applied to the headstock. Once the strings pass through the nut they remain almost flat due to their decreased angle you may be familiar with on other single cutaway guitars of this style.

With a boutique build like this one, you have to admire the flexibility that the Anderson Guitarworks company provides. There are a multitude of options for the pickups, the finishes, the neck material, the body material, the electronics and the hardware.

The initial benefits of this guitar’s design are only enhanced by the selections you make on top of those features. Everybody wins.

But what do they sound like? Why not watch this video of the Hollow Bobcat to find out?

There you go. You can also get a hollow model. The options keep on coming. For me, the one option I’d choose without a shadow of a doubt is the satin black surf finish. It’s just beautiful. Check out the images on the Anderson Guitarworks website to see for yourself—it’s one of the many beautiful options on display.

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