Another 52 Guitars, week 39—Koll Guitars Super Glide Almighty

Righty-o. Time to get back into this Another 52 guitars series. I’ve fallen further behind than I already was in this series and lost my mojo. Luckily for me, the Super Glide Almighty by Koll Guitars is a guitar that has so many variations, it’s the perfect place to start as I revisit all the things that made me start this series. Why? It’s full of all the possibilities this series was created to find.

The intent behind this series has always been to find another 52 guitars that I’d previously known little about, discover guitar features that exist outside of my own collection and consider those features for inclusion for the next guitar I hope to purchase. The Super Glide Almighty offers a lot of those features.

When I look at the default feature list for the Super Glide Almighty, I see several guitar features I don’t have in any guitar I currently own. For example:

  • Chambered mahogany body
  • Schroeder wrap or Bigsby bridges
  • Schaller open back machine heads
  • That beautiful fretboard end design

The body shape itself is another piece of uniqueness I’d love to include in my guitar collection. It’s a big body, but it looks beautiful. The finishes and the hardware layout/options simply add to the diversity this guitar offers.

Burst finish? Can do. Silver sparkle? Also doable. In fact, the design options seem near endless. Obviously for me, the mostly black model that can be seen on the official Super Glide Almighty website is near perfection.

But how does the guitar play? What does it sound like? Well, thanks to the Interwebs, I can share this piece of audible evidence.

Yeah, I could happily play that guitar. The chambered body adds that something my current guitars don’t offer. I really do need a guitar like this in my collection.

Mojo rediscovered.

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