Another 52 Guitars, week 38—Aviator Custom Guitars Warbird

I’m super excited by this week’s entry in the incredibly irregular Another 52 guitars series. Partially because I’m writing the post—small victory—but also because the guitar builds I’ve seen from Aviator Custom Guitars look phenomenal. For the purposes of this week’s article header image, I’ve chosen the Warbird 6—it’s one of the many body styles to choose from.

Let’s get into how the Aviator Custom Guitars look and how you’d go about ordering one of your own.

Firstly, I strongly recommend checking out some of the existing builds that have come out of the Aviator Custom Guitars shop. There’s a Flickr gallery and the official Instagram site for all your ogling pleasures.

As I mentioned a couple of paragraphs back, I really like the look of the Warbird 6. There’s a gallery dedicated to how that guitar has already been built for someone with tastes very similar to mine—black and white.

Damn, that’s a sexy guitar.

What I really like about the Aviator Custom Guitars website is that their ordering process involves building your instrument virtually on their website. By doing this, you know exactly what parts you’re getting and the configuration of the guitar itself. This is a true custom build to match your own unique desires and needs.

For example, if I was considering a Warbird, my build would like like this.

The online builder doesn’t visually display all of the options you may choose, but it does a damn good job of showing you the important elements. Here’s a list of what I included.

  • Hipshot Hardtail bridge
  • Hipshot Grip-Lock Open Gear machine heads
  • Dimarzio D Activator pickup in the bridge position
  • Black stain top finish
  • Ebony fretboard
  • 4+2 Warbird headstock

That last item is an important one. When you design your dream guitar at Aviator Custom Guitars, you can mix up the headstock shapes with various body shapes. I happen to think the default Warbird headstock is the best headstock this company has to offer.

Obviously, how a guitar sounds is important. Luckily for me, I discovered this awesome video that DUBCSTUDIOS25 put on YouTube. His Warbird looks beautiful, sounds awesome—both in clean and distorted—and most importantly, he is incredibly happy with the guitar and the entire ordering and building process.

Am I supposed to say “Spoiler alert” when I give away the fact that he loves his guitar? Oh well …

That’s the outcome I’d be hoping for. Perhaps guitar dreams can come true. For now, I’ll keep drooling over the Aviator Custom Guitars Instagram feed. Don’t mind me.

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