Another 52 Guitars, week 36—Sandoval Dot V

Subscribers to my email newsletter know that I am a fan of Randy Rhoads. Last week they also discovered that I follow Sandoval Guitars on Instagram. Today I connect all the dots and add the Sandoval Dot V to my Another 52 guitars article series.

Connect all the dots. Brilliant.

In regards to features that this guitar has that no other guitar in my collection has, there’s plenty. For example …

  • Polka dot finish
  • Bow tie fretboard markers
  • Harpoon angled headstock
  • DiMarzio creme pickups (Superdistortion bridge and PAF neck)

There’s one feature—if you want to call it that—that I do have. It’s a Randy Rhoads guitar type. I have the Jackson Rhoads, but this guitar … this is the guitar I really think of when I think of Randy Rhoads.

This is the most signature guitar I can think of.

Of course, if I had a Sandoval Dot V, I’d only dream of playing and sounding exactly like this.

I can’t play like that. I never will. But that sound and look is exactly why I’ve always wanted this guitar. One day perhaps.

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