Another 52 Guitars, week 35—Soultool Katana

I’m noticing a growing trend in this article series. I may developed a fascination for guitar headstocks that feature that 4 and 2 style of machine head placement. I’m OK with that. If it means one day owning a guitar looks anything like the Soultool Katana, I’ll add another guitar to the collection.

Another thing I’m noticing is a increased fascination in guitar body shapes that are not just modern in their appearance, but that have a more aesthetic look to them. Guitars like the Katana by Soultool simply look easier to play.

The Soultool website lists 11 different finish colours to choose from. Knowing me, I’d go for the Vintage White or Black options. Having said that, the red image on their website—included in this article’s feature image as well—is one sexy looking guitar.

The standard hardware options come in chrome or nickel and feature Schaller for the bridge and Gotoh for the machine heads. These are all quality parts on a beautifully designed body.

There are smaller features that appeal to me on this guitar as well. There are Luminlay side dots on the neck, a GraphTech nut and pickups by Goodtone called Mr. Brown—there’s a pickup I don’t own yet.

Sadly for this article, one thing I couldn’t find was a video for the guitar. One cool thing I did discover though was this tweet featuring a Soultool Katana in a finish some of you may recognise. Very nice indeed.

It looks to me like there may be some custom pickup configurations on offer as well. Either way, I’m a fan of this guitar’s body shape and feature list. I hope to see more of these around the place. Perhaps even one in my own collection one day—if I’m lucky.

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