Another 52 Guitars, week 19—Baum Wingman

It has been a while since I’ve come across a guitar website that lets you digitally create your dream guitar before ordering the real-word version of that very same guitar. So I was very happy to come across the Baum Guitars website and their Wingman model guitar.

I really like the body shape of the Wingman. It’s Exploreresque—that deserves to be a real word—yet has an old school feel to it. How old school or how futuristic the Wingman is depends on how you set it up. The hardware and colour options for the guitar make the possibilities near-endless.

For me—and I hope you know me by now—the guitar looks best in black. What I did with my online custom build however was make as much of the hardware and accessories as gold as possible. That’s something I’ve never done with any guitar I’ve purchased before.

After all, I am looking for another guitar that brings something new to my existing collection.

In my dream setup, I went for the following:

  • Gold Bigsby
  • Goldbucker Gold pickups with black pickup mounting rings
  • Gold pickguard
  • Mahogany neck with crown inlays
  • Gold volume and tone controls

Classy, right? All of the images on the Wingman website are classy though. Seriously, all of them are.

The consistent elements to all Wingman guitars seem to be the two volume controls and single master tone control, Schaller tuners and P90 style pickups. I’m OK with all of that.

In regards to a video example of this model of guitar, I didn’t have much luck. But, there are quite a few videos on the Baum Guitars YouTube channel worth looking at and listening to. They all sound cool. One guitar I saw that looked to have a similar setup to the Wingman I’d created online was this one.

Yep. I’d definitely be happy with a guitar that sounded like that. #want

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