My monthly riff challenge of 2018—the summary

I was going through my YouTube content that nobody else goes through—which makes 100% sense to me on account of the low video quality and frequency—when I realised I never compiled a playlist of the 12 riffs I created in my 2018 challenge. Better late than never?

Perhaps I should set a new challenge to try and combine some/all of these riffs into a song or two? I could ask talented guitarists if they’d be interested in applying guitar solos over parts? Who knows?! I just need to do more than simply say “Well, 12 riffs. Here they are!”

Having said that … Twelve riffs! Here they are!

If all goes well, this is an embedded YouTube playlist!


Personally I feel like the best riffs from this challenge were the second riff in the initial video, the May riff, the August riff and the November riff.

Moving on

Now that 2020 is approaching it’s halfway mark—also known as “What else can you throw at us calendar?!”—I figure I may as well go through these videos and work out what camera angles worked best across the videos. I could also improve lighting. If I can put together one new video that’s not painful to sit through, then this challenge I set myself in 2018 won’t have been a total waste.

Thoughts? I accept most comments below. I do moderate though because I’m a sensitive soul.

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