Another 52 Guitars, week 20—C.R. Alsip Guitars Tejas-T

I love a good Telecaster-style guitar. I have two already. C.R. Alsip Guitars have a good take on the style as well. The Tejas-T comes with so many options you can easily build the guitar of your dreams.

That’s perfect, because that’s exactly what this article series has always been about.

One of the things I liked about the Tejas-T model when investigating the official website was the reversed headstock option. I still need to get myself a guitar with a reversed headstock. I personally think it’s something that looks perfect on the Tejas-T.

If I was going to build a guitar with C.R. Alsip Guitars, I’d try to get the Tejas-T with one of their lowered stop-tail-piece bridges. It’s not Tele-classic, but the recessing of the bridge and the tailpiece into the guitar body is quite clever. The recessing to improve guitar action is detailed in the Features section of the C.R. Alsip Guitars website.

I’m also intrigued by the Sustain Enhancement System (SES) which is a Patent Pending system C.R. Alsip Guitars has implemented to improve the sustain on all of their guitars.

Who doesn’t love improved sustain?

If you’re like me and find yourself wondering what a guitar with this feature-set sounds like, then you may just enjoy the following clip. YouTuber R.J. Ronquillo has put together an awesome video to showcase just how good the Tejas-T sounds.

Sounds great. Looks great. Winning on two fronts already.

For me though, it really is the customising options that the Tejas-T really has going for it. Online I’ve seen pickup setups including H/S, H/H and H/S/S. I’ve seen traditional Tele-style bridges, Floyd Rose style bridges and string through body setups. All of these on the Tejas-T body shape.

That versatility coupled with the action/sustain enhancements make the Tejas-T a seriously tempting guitar.

Colour me tempted.

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