New website features

After no survey was done, I decided to add a couple of never-asked-for features to this website. Why? Well, because it’s my website and I’ll pretty much do what I like. Still, if you are interested in having content sent to you so you don’t have to keep checking this site for updates, you’ll like at least one new feature.

Email newsletter

I’ve created an email newsletter! I’m excited because I’ve never successfully tried this before. I’ve been experimenting lately with the MailChimp platform and I like it. Luckily there’s also a free offering in their pricing plan that allows me to send to as many as 2000 subscribers—a number I’ll luckily never get close to.

So, if you’d like to get weekly emails that summarise content from this website, my Instagram profile and the things that have otherwise caught my eye on other social media platforms, feel free to sign up on my new email newsletter page. Convenient button below for button lovers.

If you needed a third way to subscribe to my new email newsletter, you’re in luck! I’ve also added a subscription option to my new website bot. Yes, I have a bot now.

Website bot

I purchased the Quriobot solution through AppSumo—a service I’m quite addicted to. When I purchased the solution, I didn’t really know what I would use it for. I had some ideas. Ideas such as:

  • Navigation assistance
  • Entertaining quiz
  • Newsletter subscription
  • Contact assistance.

In the end, I decided to build a website bot that did all of those things. You should see the bot on the bottom-right of every page of this website. Once clicked, it looks a lot like this.

The website bot
So helpful!

There you have it. Two new website features to enjoy. Or ignore. Either way, they’re there if you need them.

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