Another 52 Guitars, week 10—VanderMeij Guitars–the Magistra

Before I start this next late article in my Another 52 guitars series, I want to say to all readers of this article “Stay safe”. We are clearly in times unlike any of us have experienced before. We’re all going through trying situations daily and it’s difficult for some people—myself included—to focus on the things we’d been focusing on at the beginning of this year.

Having said that, I feel like it’s important to continue to have something positive to focus on. For me, one of those focus points is the possibility of a beautiful and shiny new guitar. So today, I return to my writing about the latest guitar that has caught my eye—the Magistra by VanderMeij Guitars.

One of my favourite things in regards to the Magistra is the string count flexibility this guitar has. You can order this guitar as a 6, 7 or 8 string guitar. No matter the string count you prefer, the Magistra comes as a 24 fret, 38mm thin guitar body with a Flat C neck shape.

The neck width obviously differs between the 6, 7 and 8 string options, but the fretboard radius remains the same across all options. For the most part though, all variations come with the same core features.

  • Blind fretslots
  • Hipshot hardware
  • GraphTech TUSQ nut
  • Carbon fibre neck reinforcement
  • Luminlay sidedots
  • Dunlop Flushmount straplock

The guitar shape and design itself is quite beautiful and the finish is awe inspiring. The official VanderMeij Guitars gallery is something to easily get lost in. It’s a place that has brought me some joy and envy at the same time. Even though there is a solid black model there—which I clearly love—the other various finishes have me thinking seriously about expanding my own guitar collection’s black and white requirements I’ve had for so long.

For example, this video—one of four you can currently find on the official page for this guitar—shows how brightly coloured the guitar can be as well as showing another option the guitar can come with … tremolo.

It’s a beautiful guitar shape and the finish looks amazing. The guitar looks easy to play and easier to desire. It’s something that has brought me some positive vibes in these last few days as I have spent some quiet time looking at guitars. Hopefully it gives you something good to think about too.

Get a guitar. Practice. Stay safe and positive. Remember, guitars can be played in isolation—even if this one looks like you’d want to play it in front of thousands.

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