Another 52 Guitars, week 9—Jackson Rhoads RRXT24-7

This week I thought I’d try something a little different from previous weeks. This time, I’m featuring a guitar manufacturer that is well known and that has produced one of my all-time favourite guitars—that I’m also lucky enough to already own.

There is a difference between this featured guitar and the one I own. Let’s get straight to that.

The guitar I wish I had? The new Jackson Rhoads RRXT24-7. It’s based on the original shape created for Randy Rhoads, but it has some cool features that make it perfect for my liking. Those features would be:

  • 7 strings
    • String through body with 7 strings is a beautiful balance of string lines
  • No scratchplate
  • Pure black
  • Reversed headstock (something I’m still to add to my collection)

The lack of tremolo is a bonus for me. My Rhoads has a Floyd Rose and as cool as that is, it’s not a feature I utilise. It’s lost on me and simply adds to the setup effort that I simply don’t have time for.

A 7 string Rhoads makes perfect sense to me. Drop tunings in metal and the pointiest of pointy guitars? A match made in heaven.

Another point of difference is the fretboard on this guitar. It’s Laurel—which would be a new fretboard wood offering for me. I believe it’s an Indian wood that may have a slightly more noticeable grain pattern than something like Rosewood.

There’s not much to this guitar. It’s simple, it’s beautiful and I want one. I’d even consider selling a guitar to help get this one. Don’t tell the wife that.

Sadly, there doesn’t seem to be a lot of video footage of the RRXT24-7. That makes this article shorter and probably less appealing than other entries in this series. I guess the only way around that is to buy one and make my own video?

The question mark is for my wife 😉

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