Another 52 Guitars, week 8—Chapman Guitars ML2 Modern

It’s only taken me eight entries into this year’s series, but I’ve decided the header image for this series needs an update. Now you can see the guitar I’m dreaming writing about. Magics.

Another piece of magic is this week’s dream guitar. It’s the Chapman Guitars ML2 Modern in the white finish. The finish is actually called White Dove. I assume because that’s what a magician would pull out of his/her coat. Or hat? I’m not sure, I’m not a magician.

Another thing I’m not, is a great guitarist. But’s that’s OK. The ML2 Modern is from the Chapman Guitars Standard Series which is aimed at guitarists not looking to justify the spend of a more expensive guitar—exactly the kind of guitar my skillset matches and the price range that has allowed me to collect the guitars I have over the years.

Having justified the ongoing fascination with new guitars, let’s look at what appeals to me in the ML2 Modern.

First and foremost, it’s the single cut body style I do love so much. Having said that, the contours and cutaways on this guitar do allow it to stand out just enough to be different. The official website says it nicely.

… form a striking new modern take on a classic design.

Chapman Guitars

I have mentioned in many previous articles that I’m always looking for something new to add to what I’m lucky enough to already own. You may look at this guitar and wonder what could be new to my collection if I purchased the ML2. Well, that’s easy. List time!

  • Sexy thinline fret inlays
  • Infinity symbol 12 fret marker (I assume I’d need to play here forever)
  • The natural wood reveal binding (I quite like the look of that)
  • Coil split on a single tone control knob
  • A sexy all-white single cut guitar with no scratch-plate.

One thing I love that is listed in the various feature lists on the Chapman Guitars website is the rear tummy cut. That, I can relate to and admit I need.

When it comes to video, there are several to choose from when investigating this guitar. Most of them I wouldn’t embed here because the resulting views would skew my website analytics … Wow! People stayed on this article for 15 minutes! Oh wait, not to read my words 🙁

Here’s a short video that conveniently does the guitar justice in very little time.

Isn’t it beautiful? It also sounds awesome. That’s convenient.

So it’s on the list. Perhaps I’ll be allowed to purchase this one by the year’s end. I’ll go and beg the wife boss now. Don’t wait for me.

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