Another 52 Guitars, week 7—Dean Zelinsky LaVoce

If I was going to use the full name of this week’s dream guitar, my SEO recommendations would red-line in regards to the characters required to populate this page’s meta title. Why? Well, this week’s dream guitar is the Dean Zelinsky Private Label LaVoce Z-Glide Standard Solid Colours ‘Blonde Boards’. One hell of a guitar name and one hell of an awesome looking guitar.

One additional thing to point out early in this article is that the guitar not only looks amazing, it sounds amazing as well. Have I played one? No. I wish. But I have watched a fair amount of video footage and through my studio monitors, these guitars sound better than they look—and they look amazing!

Take a look and see/hear for yourself.

So many sounds! If you missed it in the video or on the official Dean Zelinsky website, the LaVoce means the voice. A fitting name for a guitar with so many different voices. Through the different pickups and the GraphTech Ghost Piezo acoustic bridge, you have options that cover two humbuckers, two single coils and an acoustic setting. You can also switch between the options to blend them.

It’s like having several guitars in one.

If you haven’t already noticed the major guitar body difference the LaVoce has, then you really need to check that video again. This guitar has quite possibly the thinnest body I’ve seen on an electric guitar. Just think of the money you’ll save on future back surgery as you no longer have to lug around your standard single cutaway humbucking rock guitar.

Although the LaVoce guitars look great in various finishes and neck styles, I’ve decided that the ‘Blonde Boards’ range is the range that appeals to me the most. The solid colour options—black being the choice from the current range I’d obviously go for—and the light maple neck with black inlays looks just beautiful to me. I’m sure there is/was a white model as well … that would be beautiful as well. Argh! The white model is back! I want that so bad!

Let’s not ignore the sexiness of that guitar input in the guitar’s front either. Subtle design perfection.

As if all of the features already mentioned weren’t enough, the LaVoce has Dean Zelinsky’s Z-Glide reduced friction neck. I’d love to try that out as well. The concept is that the fine and intricate engraving removes approximately 70% of the neck surface that your hand comes into contact with allowing for less friction and an improved slide ability.

Slideability should be a word. I’d love to have improved slideability.

You can learn more about the Z-Glide neck—which in Australia I’m sure should be called the Zed-Glide neck—you can watch Dean Zelinsky talking about the technology in the video below.

So much awesome in one guitar. I love the guitars that I own—including one of the standard Dean guitars from the Dave Mustaine range—but I don’t have any one guitar that has this much going on in the one guitar. This could perhaps be the next one I am able to justify to my wife.

After all, it has slideability!

2 thoughts on “Another 52 Guitars, week 7—Dean Zelinsky LaVoce

  1. I bought one in black. One came up recently in electric blue at a local pawn shop, but I have a problem buying expensive (over $300) guitars at pawn shops, and they wanted too much for it; so I found a nice used one (still brand new actually just being sold as used) for $550, in black so I jumped on it. It was through Guitar Center and their return policy is so good that you can feel safe buying a guitar online from them. I am seriously having a hard time waiting for it.

    1. That sounds like a dream come true. I hope it works out that way for you. I’d jump on that guitar at that price too.

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