Another 52 Guitars, week 21—Stone Wolf Guitars Ikara

First and foremost, I love the look of this week’s dream guitar. The Ikara by Stone Wolf Guitars is a modern approach to the body shapes often seen in an electric guitar. And as the official description of the guitar states, this guitar looks built for comfort. Comfort and style combined for the win.

From what I understand, the Ikara was first created in 2018. The body shape and finish styles look like they’ve aged well to me. I don’t see a lot of guitars that look this cool or unique two years since this was released.

When you look through the official Ikara gallery, you can see two different approaches to this one model. I love that although the body shape remains the same, there are some very different styles that become available through the one guitar.

For example:

  • Multiscale fretboard or traditional fretboard style
  • ABM® Black Single Saddles or string-through-body bridge style
  • Traditional fretboard inlays or one inlay for the 12th fret
  • Unique body finishes—both examples equally stunning

No matter the style you choose, you end up with one seriously nice guitar. I love the 4 & 2 headstock shape and the bolt-on neck. It’s 24 frets of awesome from what I can see.

The finishes of the two models on the Stone Wolf Guitars website look amazing. How they were achieved is best heard and not read in my opinion. I was amazed when I watched this video by JT Guitar that explains the approach to the guitars’ finish.

Amazing thought process in my opinion. I never would have thought of using materials the same way this company has.

But of course, there’s always playability and sound. I managed to find several different videos on the Stone Wolf Guitars YouTube channel for the Ikara model. My favourite is below.

That fretboard. Just beautiful. The guitar’s body shape looks very comfortable both from the seated perspective and the right arm’s access. Very playable.

A very tempting guitar. I continue to drool from afar for now.

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