Another 52 Guitars, week 22—Michael Kelly Hybrid 55

This entry in the Another 52 guitars series has quite a few features I’d include in my list of features I don’t currently have in a guitar I already own*. Exciting, right? So, let’s get straight into the article on the awesomeness of the Michael Kelly Hybrid 55.

* I really need a better name for that list.

At first glance you may be thinking, “It’s a Telecaster? What’s so unique about that?” To that, I’d answer, “Firstly, it’s not a Telecaster. Secondly, slow down! I’ll get to that”.

The reasons this guitar has several unique features when compared to guitars I already own are as follows:

  • The guitar has a wood grain finish—all of my existing guitars are either black or white
  • The guitar output is stereo and allows you to plug into a electric guitar amplifer and an acoustic amplifier or mixer through the use of a Y-cable
  • Fishman Powerbridge that creates amazing acoustic guitar tones from the electric guitar
  • Push/pull master volume
  • Push/pull master tone
  • Great 8 electronics mod

That last one is the extra control knob you may have noticed in the guitar body in this article’s header image above. You can read more about the Great 8 mod on the Michael Kelly website, but it appears to essentially allow you to dial in a lot more tonal options when combined with the coil splitting available through the volume and tone control knobs.

You can watch the video that’s embedded on the official Hybrid 55 website, but there’s also this very cool demo and review that YouTuber Derek Paul Guitar has put together.

How beautiful does this guitar sound? The answer is “Very beautiful”. It’s also refreshing to hear a demo where you can focus on the tonal qualities of the guitar.

As someone who plays electric guitar mostly, I see huge benefits in owning a guitar such as the Hybrid 55. Sometimes I like to hear that beautiful acoustic guitar sound. My playing skill however says “Stick to the guitar shape and style of neck you’re more comfortable with”. This guitar allows someone like me to do that.

Another very tempting guitar to consider.

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