Another 52 Guitars, week 48—PJD Guitars Carey Elite

I really need to get myself a guitar with a f hole. It’s something I still haven’t added to my collection and the PJD Guitars Carey Elite seems like a good place to start the journey into guitars with chambered bodies.

The guitar’s body wood is swamp ash—chambered as already mentioned—with either a flamed or quilted maple top. There appear to be 12 different finishes to choose from and I’d obviously choose the Faded Black option. Having said that, some of the other colours do look incredibly appealing when applied to that maple top.

See video below.

The Carey Elite comes with Gotoh tuners and bridge and Bareknuckle Old Guard humbucker pickups. You can choose to get Cream T Eliminator humbuckers instead if you so desire.

I’m quite fond of the fact that these guitars come with simplistic, but quality controls. One volume and one tone with a simple three-way pickup selector.

Something else this guitar has that I’m yet to experience personally is a roasted maple neck. It looks great with the Indian Rosewood fretboard.

It’s a beautiful looking guitar that combines guitar design style from several tried and tested body, headstock and layout designs. It also seems to play and sound great as well.

I love how the majority of the guitar body is that pale swamp ash colour that is then highlighted through the finished maple top. It’s a great design feature that also highlights the guitar body’s contours.

It’s classier looking than I am, but I still feel like I could play something decent on it. The tools make the player, right?

Seriously though, this is one beautiful guitar. #want

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