Another 52 Guitars, week 49—Lava Drops White Mist Flamed Maple Drop

When I’m not looking for black guitars, I’m looking for white guitars. Fewer are whiter than the Lava Drops White Mist Flamed Maple Drop. Fewer still look as unique as this guitar.

The body and headstock shapes on this guitar are amazing. So smooth and flowing while remaining practical from a playing and access perspective. The components that make this guitar are of seriously high quality as well.

The body is a neck-through construction and there are nine pieces that make it all happen including sapele, maple and walnut wood types. The hardware that gets placed into this guitar is also high quality and completes the look perfectly.

The Gotoh machine heads and the Tune-o-matic bridge look after the strings while the two Lava Drops/Haeussel pickups take care of the tone. All of which can be seen and heard in the following video of a similar model not in white.

I couldn’t play like that, but I could enjoy a guitar like that. You can see the different woods used in the neck if you watch that video carefully. As beautiful as I find the front of the guitar to be, seeing the woods on the back is something to admire greatly.

The guitar comes as a 6 or 7 string model as well. It’s good to have options. For me, this as a 6 string is close to perfection. Such a beautiful guitar. This is another #want for me.

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