Another 52 Guitars, week 29—Mayones Legend T22

Often when I’m putting these articles together, my wife will say “They all look the same”. The Mayones Legend T22 is not one of those guitars. While it features a style that is similar to a shape that many have paid tribute to, the natural wood finish is not one I’d normally go for. On this guitar though, I’d gladly make an exception.

Normally I look for a guitar that is either black or white. It’s just the way I’ve looked for guitars for as long as I can remember—and I can remember three decades from the 1900s!

For reasons I can’t explain, the two tone sunburst finish on this guitar is something I consider to be a thing of beauty. I say that knowing there is a Graphite Burst finish option! I simply believe this modern take on a classic design needs to stay in this almost natural looking finish. It’s a classy body shape with an equally elegant headstock shape—something that often brings down an otherwise beautiful guitar.

Never overlook a good headstock design.

Other desirable features this guitar comes with that I don’t have in an existing guitar include:

  • Lollar Strat Tweed pickups
  • Schaller M6 locking machine heads
  • Schaller straplocks
  • No fretboard markers

Sure, I have guitars with locking machine heads and I have guitars with straplocks. I don’t believe I have any Schaller products though. Mostly though, this guitar body shape and headstock with this guitar finish is what’s unusually appealing to me.

How would this guitar sound though? Great question. I’m glad I asked.

While I couldn’t find a video of this exact guitar, I did find a video of a similar model. This model appears to be the the same body shape, but with a humbucker in the bridge and one additional switch that I’m going to assume is a killswitch. Take a look/listen.

That’s nice. I prefer the sunburst though. That’s something I never thought I’d say. Let’s not tell anybody I am liking a non-black guitar.

Stay tuned next week when we discover if I return to my black and white roots or if this Mayones beauty has changed me.

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