Another 52 Guitars, week 33—Alquier Guitars Space Wow

Initially I was going to start this issue of Another 52 guitars with a statement like “Time for something different” or “Here’s something a little left of field”. Then I realised that the whole point of this series was to find 52 guitars that each brought something that little bit unique to your standard guitar. So how do you draw attention to a guitar that goes that little bit further?

I decided I’d go with “Wow!” Actually, Space Wow by Alquier Guitars.

It’s easy to simply look at the body shape of the Space Wow and be impressed by its unique body shape and design style. What impresses me more is the fact that the more you look into the guitar, the more unique it gets.

For starters, the guitar is a hollow body guitar. That’s not something I expected when I first saw the guitar. Add to that the fact that the guitar is primarily made of bamboo and the guitar’s wow factor goes that little bit higher.

There’s bamboo in the top wood, back wood, neck, and fretboard. There’s even bamboo in the pickup covers.

It’s also impressive to discover that the pickups and some hardware are also created by Alquier Guitars. These truly are custom and bespoke guitar builds. It’s safe to say I own nothing like the Space Wow .

The sound of these guitars is also unique. These are not the guitars for my regular metal-style playing. For everything else though, I feel like these guitars would be incredibly easy to play with.

If this quick video is anything to go by, I’m sure I could jam away for ages on the Space Wow.

That 4 and 2 headstock design … Nice. Those off-center fretboard inlays … perfect. This is a beautifully designed guitar. I’d gladly own one.

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