Another 52 Guitars, week 34—Shabat Guitars Lion Deluxe

New guitars that look old. It’s not something I’d really got into. Not until I saw the Shabat Guitars Lion Deluxe. Having said that, if reliced guitars are not your thing, then I don’t believe it’s a finish you have to go for with this guitar.

Already the options are awesome!

Gold hardware is something I’m yet to include on a guitar I own. On this black body guitar with rosewood fretboard, the gold hardware is a great fit. I’m also a big fan of what I’d call the Telecaster body shape with the Les Paul hardware layout. It’s a great combination.

The Lion Deluxe comes in either a P-90 or humbucker pickup option—both coming from the Lollar Humbuckers range. If it were me, I’d be going for the exact same setup you see in the video below. I’ve hopefully linked to the part of the video that features a description of the reliced black Lion Deluxe—I do recommend watching all of the video sometime later though … some beautiful guitars to be seen.

That just looks beautiful—a gold guitar, over-painted black and then reliced. It looks like it’s been worn in and served someone truly for decades. With the parts and materials in it, it sounds like it would look and feel the same in decades to come.

As mentioned, the finish and pickup options are yours to select. This video below showcases and earlier model in a different finish. Still, it looks awesome and sounds great.

Options and tone for days. There’s definitely something in this guitar that would be new to my collection and something I’d love to play for ages. Check their website out and take a look at the other finishes in the Lion Deluxe gallery.

That white body with black P-90s … yum.

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