Another 52 Guitars, week 47—McSwain Guitars Fear and Loathing

Well, I’ve come to that point where I now need to release an article a day to have this series finish on time. Luckily, I’m on holidays now and the remaining guitars are all guitars I’m super keen to be writing about. For example, the McSwain Guitars Fear and Loathing model is incredibly unique, super cool and ticks all the boxes for a guitar I’d love to own.

The artwork on this guitar is perfect for me and matches the colour options I’ve focused on in my guitar room—black, white and red. The artistic style is one I love as well.

The fact that Slash owns the first one of these ever made is cool too.

The guitar specs themselves are all excellent as well—that’s useful. There’s chambered mahogany in the body, mahogany in the neck and an ebony fretboard. All the good woods.

The humbucker pickups are Arcane Triple Cone split coils which I’ve never experienced. From what I’ve read, they’re an exact tonal copy a vintage Patent Applied for Pickup.

I sadly haven’t been able to locate a video of the Fear and Loathing in use, but if it plays anything like any of the other models in the video below, then I’m sure it’s going to be a guitar I’d love to play.

All of the guitars in the McSwain Guitars stable look awesome. The Fear and Loathing is the design, style and colour choice I’d go for in a heartbeat. It’s got that road worn look to it that matches my far-from-perfect playing style.

It’s not the cheapest guitar in this list, but it’s right up there in the unique list.

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