Five signature guitars I wish I owned

I’ve been bitten by the blogging bug lately and this has caused me to investigate all-things guitar once again. I’m very OK with that. Who doesn’t love spending hours surfing the Interwebs looking at guitars? I’m sure that doesn’t appeal to some folks—I like to call those people boring. What is hopefully not boring though is this list of the five signature guitars I wish I owned.

Now to watch the next lotto draw and hope for the best. Or dream. I’m happy to continue dreaming. Five signature guitars I wish I owned

The Dialtone Pickups that I WILL install!

I have an embarrassing confession to make. I’ve owned a set of Dialtone Pickups since the end of the 2015 Winter NAMM and I have still not installed them. I’m lame. I embarrass myself. It’s not because I’m not keen and it’s not because I don’t want to install the pickups. No, it’s because of this stupid thing I’d only ever really read about up until February—the real world. I have to now say, I don’t like it.

I mention this because the real world is stopping me from doing the things I am truly interested in. For example, it was through my favourite online realms that I first discovered the beauty that is NAMM. I’d never heard of it until several years ago when Twitter went crazy one January. My Twitter feed was full of guitar porn. I was in virtual heaven. Many years later, I discovered Dialtone Pickups—once again thanks to Twitter on account of its awesomeness—and my fascination with pickup innovation began.

I became super-keen on the Dialtone Pickups. Super keen is like keen, but it wears a cape and is unrecognisable without glasses. I became so super-keen that I pre-paid for a set of pickups, got invited to join the Dialtone Pickups team at the 2015 Winter NAMM in Anaheim, assisted with some of their graphic design work and blogged about them like a madman. Fast forward to the week I returned to Australia after NAMM and this real world nonsense took a hold of my life like a NAMM attendee receiving free promotional gear. Trust me, that’s a grip you won’t break.

Like I said … I’m lame. But sometime soon—I hope—that all changes. Why? Because I just posted this article letting people know I have some awesome pickups to install. I better pull that finger out that I hear so much about. The Dialtone Pickups that I WILL install!

Ryan Bruce performance at the Cleartone Strings booth—NAMM 2015

One of the things I liked the most about the 2015 NAMM Show was how easy it was to come across people I’ve recognised from the Internet and/or bands. For example, I saw John Petrucci, George Lynch, Paul Riario, The Tone King and Ryan Bruce. I know those people aren’t all huge on Twitter, but that’s where I like to hang out (hence the Twitter links). I also came across people who knew who I was (once I gave them one of my business cards or plectrums). That was flattering and weird. Because I am nobody.

Better than just seeing someone I recognised, was watching and listening to them play live at NAMM. That’s exactly what I did when Ryan Bruce played at the Cleartone Strings booth. It was pretty impressive to be honest. Ryan Bruce performance at the Cleartone Strings booth—NAMM 2015

Visit two Guitar Center stores … Walk out with two new guitars

I mentioned yesterday how I went to my first ever Guitar Center. In that article I mentioned that I had planned to visit the Orange Outlet Guitar Center store. I have to say, that visit went well. It went very well. For me, for Ibanez and for Guitar Center. Mostly for me.

Why? Well, because I ended up buying two new Ibanez guitars that I now have to somehow get home to Australia. How hard can that be?! Visit two Guitar Center stores … Walk out with two new guitars

My first visit to a Guitar Center … OMFG

The four regular readers of this site—I’m pretty sure I gained a new reader in 2014—will know that I like guitars. When I say like, I of course mean I have a problem. I have a fascination. I’m not actually a good guitar player, but guitars bring me a whole lot of joy. Today, I visited the Hollywood Guitar Center on Sunset Blvd. It seems nobody here ever types the word Boulevard which suits me—it’s a tricky word to spell!

All I can say is … OMFG. If you don’t recognise that acronym, Google it.

Guitar Center is like my grown-up version of a toy store. I wanted everything I saw and I was trying to work out how to get it all back to Australia. I figured I’d work out the method of payment afterwards. Surely there is a 25 year lay-away plan or something. My first visit to a Guitar Center … OMFG

GuitarCapo+ video review (of sorts)

I’ve written about GuitarCapo+ before and it sure has advanced since then. Now it’s not only an amazing virtual instrument, but it’s a priceless educational tool for guitarists both young and old. I’m also pleased to say that the developer of this app is welcoming of constructive criticism. As a fan of the app it’s encouraging to see your suggestions are listened to and implemented (if sensible).

I have some crazy ideas from time to time. GuitarCapo+ video review (of sorts)

Epiphone 2014 Holiday Guide—why am I not American?!

I have an Epiphone. It’s a beautiful guitar and I love it dearly. It’s one of the reasons I follow Epiphone on Facebook. I love seeing what they release each and every year. Recently they released their 2014 Holiday Guide—a collection of guitars and gear under $300USD. As soon as I saw it I asked myself “Why the heck are you not an American?!”

I did not have a decent answer for myself.

But I can dream. Not only can I dream, but I can write about it. So here is my dream wishlist from the Epiphone 2014 Holiday Guide. What would you buy? Or perhaps … What will you buy?! Epiphone 2014 Holiday Guide—why am I not American?!

Goodtime Solana 6 Banjo

I’ve often wanted to play the banjo. My problem is their standard five strings (one of which doesn’t even make it to the headstock) and their non-guitar tunings. Just to reiterate, that’s my problem. I’m not smart enough to work out alternate tunings. But now I don’t have to worry about that because the folks at Deering Banjos have made the Goodtime Solana 6 banjo which is strung and tuned like a standard guitar. Awesome! Goodtime Solana 6 Banjo

Ibanez RGKP6—built-in distortion and a Korg mini kaoss pad 2S

Not everybody likes to see technology and guitars mix. To many people, the guitar was perfected back in the days when the Stratocaster, Telecaster and Les Paul were created. Other people like to push the envelope. Me, I’m somewhere in-between. For my guitar playing skills, I only need the basics. I have basic skills. Having said that, I love seeing what clever people come up with. Ibanez and Korg have not disappointed me with the Ibanez RGKP6 which features a built-in Korg mini kaoss pad 2S. This is not your standard guitar. Ibanez RGKP6—built-in distortion and a Korg mini kaoss pad 2S