AmpliToon … My AmpliTube ‘How to’ graphic novel

I love graphic novels. I’ve always found them to be one of the greatest story telling mechanisms available to man. I also happen to love playing guitar through my iPad. I’ve found the iPad to be an incredible tool for people such as me, to improve their skillset and experiment with tone, recording, sharing and constructive criticism on a global scale. All of this got me thinking. What is surely going to be the best way of reminding myself how to use some of my favourite iOS software and possibly help others do the same?

Well, because I’m a giver, I made AmpliToon … An almost graphic novel about IK Multimedia‘s AmpliTube application for the iPad. AmpliToon … My AmpliTube ‘How to’ graphic novel

GuitarTone 2—Now with Audiobus support

When I last wrote about GuitarTone by Sonoma Wireworks, they had just released an update that allowed you to create a truly unique tone by using twin amplifier speaker/microphone combinations that generated a true stereo sound. I’d also written about my desire to be able to record the awesome GuitarTone sounds—I didn’t want to write GuitarTone tones—into either StudioTrack or FourTrack. That hasn’t happened yet, but the latest release allows you to connect GuitarTone to Audiobus.

That’ll do! GuitarTone 2—Now with Audiobus support

AmpKit update adds stereo to more effects pedals

AmpKit by Agile Partners has been updated and it now includes even more stereo effects from their existing pedal range. The D-Delay, Echology, Ensembly, Phase ’72, Phunk Phaser and The Lone Flanger effects pedals now all include stereo awesomeness. Add this impressive new addition to the other recent updates in AmpKit and it’s easy to see how  time can be lost experimenting with the multiple sound effects this amazing app offers. AmpKit update adds stereo to more effects pedals

Rock Prodigy released for Windows (plus a Fender giveaway)

The Rock Prodigy team who brought us the awesome iOS apps Rock Prodigy, The Offspring: Rock Prodigy and Dave Mustaine: Rock Prodigy, have now released Rock Prodigy for Windows. The new system includes lessons from guitar teachers professionally trained at Musicians Institute. The lessons themselves are broken up into four courses which can be purchased individually or in one of two packages.

Right now though, you can get up to 70% off thanks to the kind folks at Fender. If that’s not enough, you can also enter a draw to win a Fender DG-8S Acoustic Pack. Rock Prodigy released for Windows (plus a Fender giveaway)

My custom Grover Allman guitar plectrums

Today is a good day. Not just because it’s Good Friday either. It’s also the day I get to write about the awesome Grover Allman custom plectrums I ordered recently. They arrived in the mail yesterday and came with a handy sticker of the Grover Allman logo—you’ve got to love that logo with its clever reversed plectrums (look at the whitespace between the cross patterns)—and a black Grover Allman wrist band. Personally I’m a big fan of black rubber wrist bands. They don’t damage your guitar while you’re playing hard.

The plectrums themselves? Well, I think they’re awesome! My custom Grover Allman guitar plectrums