Osiris Guitar Journal—Beta release

Anders from Osiris Guitar has released a Beta app for iOS (iPhone and iPad). The Osiris Guitar Journal is a handy little app that makes it easy for guitarists to track their practice schedule complete with graphs and statistics. What’s not to love?!

As mentioned, this app is currently a Beta release. Having said that I haven’t really come across anything I’d consider a bug. I’ve made a few suggestions on the app’s official GitHub page, but so far I’m absolutely loving this little app. Let me explain what’s in some of the screenshots below.

Setup screen

When you first load the app, you’re asked to fill in some pretty simple fields. You need to setup your initial goal, any instrument/s you’ll be playing while using the app and your first practice session. It’s all fairly straight-forward (I say this because I worked it out and I’m not a genius).

Home screen

Once you’ve used the app a few times your home screen starts to take shape. In my home screen below, you can see that I’ve had six practice sessions this week (not that it shows in my playing), the average amount of time I’ve practiced for and my own average rating (1-5). You can also see the instruments I’ve added to the app. Each instrument allows you to add make/model and include a photograph if you so choose.

Sessions screen

It’s on this screen that you can see the list of sessions you’ve undertaken since using the app. You can click on any session to get full details.

Goals screen

I wasn’t really sure how to setup my own practice sessions so I created two. Essentially they are Use your purchased tutorial DVDs and Play the damn guitar idiot. I didn’t word them exactly that way, but that’s the way I read them back to myself.

Stats screen

This is my favourite screen. Once you’ve used the app over any decent period of time these stats start to become incredibly handy. I’ve worked out that for some reason my day job interferes with my guitar playing. I’ve also discovered that I’m yet to finish a goal. No surprise there.

Profile screen

I’ve edited my profile screen image below as the app shows your Facebook username (the one that appears in your Facebook URL). This isn’t an issue for me because I know who I am. I don’t have 3 million Facebook friends on my personal page though (intentionally) so I’m not keen to publicise it. As you can see though, the profile page shows you the most important part of your own guitarist identity … your guitars.

That is a very quick summary of this cool little app. So far I’m really liking it though and hope to see if grow in features and popularity. If you want to get involved in the beta testing, head on over to Osiris Guitar today and contact Anders. Not only is he a pretty damn good guitar player, he’s a smart one!

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