PRS introduces the \m/ Metal pickups

Paul Reed Smith (PRS) has just introduced the all-new \m/ (Metal) pickups. Just based on branding/naming alone I want these. Seriously … Check out that little \m/ stamp on the pickup!

The \m/ pickups are custom made for heavier styles of music (AKA the best music there is) but can be used for clean tones as well thanks to the way they’re wound and their ceramic magnet technology—this isn’t unique, but it remains cool. The pickups are all wound in-house at PRS. As these are made byPRS, they are designed to work with either a five-way pickup selector or a three-way pickup selector on a guitar that offers push-pull coil tapping (like any good PRS guitar would do).

These pickups are the first exclusive aftermarket product PRS has produced. You can purchase them at and/or read more about them on the official PRS website.

\m/ O_O \m/

PRS \m/ pickup
PRS \m/ pickup

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