AmpKit update adds stereo to more effects pedals

AmpKit by Agile Partners has been updated and it now includes even more stereo effects from their existing pedal range.┬áThe D-Delay, Echology, Ensembly, Phase ’72, Phunk Phaser and The Lone Flanger effects pedals now all include stereo awesomeness. Add this impressive new addition to the other recent updates in AmpKit and it’s easy to see how ┬átime can be lost experimenting with the multiple sound effects this amazing app offers.

Just in case you missed the other recent improvements in AmpKit, here they are in list format:

  • Audiobus support
  • Addition of a distant mic setting

Small list. Big improvements.

With the Audiobus support, AmpKit can now connect with recording apps such as GarageBand (Agile Partners has a great tutorial on how you achieve this). The addition of the distant mic setting means AmpKit offers you on-axis, off-axis and distant. The huge amplifier range now has triple the tonal variety. AmpKit just keeps on getting better.

What doesn’t get better is my guitar playing. Even though this is true, I wanted to share a very simple riff that allows you to hear the stereo effects that can be heard in the Phase ’72 and The Lone Flanger pedals.

Enjoy the stereo effect samples below. Just remember, anything that sounds terrible is all me. The good effects are all AmpKit.

AmpKit with Phase '72
AmpKit with Phase ’72

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