JamUp Pro XT adds an 8-Track recorder

The latest update to the amazing JamUp Pro XT saw the introduction of an 8-Track recorder. Now, not only can you use the built-in phrase sampler to create your own sound-over-sound recordings, but you can record yourself over imported tracks through iTunes. Or you can record yourself on eight tracks of layered brilliance*.

* This assumes you’re a brilliant guitarist.

I’ve had a very quick play in the 8-Track recorder and I love it. One of the features I love about the JamUp Pro XT 8-Track is its ability to eliminate the sound of the metronome from the recording. Not all multi-track recorders have this ability. In fact, I have to say this 8-Track recorders ability to only record the activated track is what sets it apart from many of its competitors.

Of course another advantage is the tone JamUp Pro XT continues to provide. In my opinion, this app (even the free version) with the 8-Track recorder (currently on sale for $4.99 USD) is too good to pass up. I have no idea what the 8-Track will sell for after the launch special ends, so if I was you, I’d buy now. It’s totally worth it.

If you’d like to hear what six tracks of dodgy guitar playing sounds like in the 8-Track recorder, check out my sample below. This track includes three guitar parts, each played twice. The guitar parts are split between the left and the right channels. I’m using three different clean or acoustic settings as well. Hopefully it helps display what is possible in this ever-improving app.

JamUp Pro XT's 8-Track recorder
JamUp Pro XT’s 8-Track recorder

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