Into the Blue (fresh new music by Evangelos Koudonas)

Regular visitors to this website know I have issues with colour. As much as possible I try to strip it from my website. I’m not sure if it was intentional or not, but Evangelos Koudonas has released the first album that I’ve decided to write about and included a colour in the album name. Obviously Evangelos couldn’t have known that I’d write this article, but still he has made me say Into the Blue is an outstanding album. Even if it does say blue. Into the Blue (fresh new music by Evangelos Koudonas)

JamUp Pro and Guitar World … Rock!

I love playing guitar on my iPhone. I also love that with the right apps I can play along with some songs on my guitar. What I was only smart enough to work out recently was that by using the right apps and the pedal and amp suggestions that the awesome Guitar World magazine provides, I can play along sounding somewhat like the song I’m playing along with. Handy!

Many people have figured this out before me no doubt, but I’m going to share my screenshots of presets all the same to show how you too can setup your sounds before you play along with your favourite tracks. JamUp Pro and Guitar World … Rock!

Review: JamUp Plug

Now that I’ve completed my articles on the amplifier emulators I have access to on my iPhone, I thought I’d write some articles on the interfaces that make it possible to connect your guitar to your iPhone. When I first started the review process I was aware of four interfaces. That soon changed to seven. I believe I am now aware of nine. The most recent interface I’ve managed to add to my collection is the JamUp Plug by Positive Grid. It’s one of the easiest interfaces to use and it’s quickly becoming one of my favourites.

Let me show you why. Review: JamUp Plug

JamUp Pro for iPhone

JamUp Pro is one of the more recent discoveries I’ve made in my quest for iPhone amplifier simulator perfection. I started with their free version (JamUp Lite), loved it and quickly made the jump to the Pro version. There are a few reasons for the quick leap towards the paid version. One, sound quality. Two, the recording interface. Three, the way you can order the amps and effects. Four, the graphical design. For a graphic designer, this is pretty important.

Also, I love that JamUp Pro enabled me to write another Blog entry that has a list! JamUp Pro for iPhone