JamUp Pro and Guitar World … Rock!

I love playing guitar on my iPhone. I also love that with the right apps I can play along with some songs on my guitar. What I was only smart enough to work out recently was that by using the right apps and the pedal and amp suggestions that the awesome Guitar World magazine provides, I can play along sounding somewhat like the song I’m playing along with. Handy!

Many people have figured this out before me no doubt, but I’m going to share my screenshots of presets all the same to show how you too can setup your sounds before you play along with your favourite tracks.

Going through old issues of Guitar World, I noticed that the pedal and amp suggestions that Paul Hanson provides include diagrams of pedals and amplifiers. These make it incredibly easy to match with your pedals and amps in apps like JamUp Pro (and depending on the settings required, JamUp Lite). Here are some of the settings that I created in JamUp Pro based on the suggestions in Guitar World magazine.

I’m not a Vampire (Falling in Reverse) was featured in Guitar World in January 2012. The settings I created are not exactly as those suggested in the magazine, but they’re close enough for my liking.

Little Wing (Jimi Hendrix Experience) was featured in Guitar World in December 2011. Again, not an exact replica of the suggested settings, but a close enough setting if you want to play along with the song in the JamUp Pro app.

Shout at the Devil (Mötley Crüe) was featured in Guitar World in December 2011. This is another close representation of the sound as suggested in the magazine.

There are of course many more you could try and save as presets. Knowing this does of course make me wish JamUp Pro allowed for the saving of more presets [cough … suggestion]

Give it a go. Get a copy of Guitar World, check out the pedal and amp suggestions and see how close you can replicate them on your iPhone. It’s great fun.

Tip: The Women in Love settings from the January 2012 issue of Guitar World are easy to replicate in JamUp Pro and they sound awesome!

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