AmpKit update adds stereo to more effects pedals

AmpKit by Agile Partners has been updated and it now includes even more stereo effects from their existing pedal range. The D-Delay, Echology, Ensembly, Phase ’72, Phunk Phaser and The Lone Flanger effects pedals now all include stereo awesomeness. Add this impressive new addition to the other recent updates in AmpKit and it’s easy to see how  time can be lost experimenting with the multiple sound effects this amazing app offers. AmpKit update adds stereo to more effects pedals

My Pro Tone Pedals Skumstortion settings

Recently I wrote about the Skumstortion pedal I purchased from Pro Tone Pedals. It’s a wicked sounding (and looking) pedal. I knew that. I’d written about it. I just hadn’t been able to share the auditory coolness with people … Until now. I bring you terrible video footage of my favourite Pro Tone Pedals Skumstortion settings.

Now I have the power of video. View (and listen) to the awesome sounds of my Skumstortion pedal! My Pro Tone Pedals Skumstortion settings

AmpKit for iPhone

AmpKit for iPhone is the last app in my lengthy guitar playing/recording on the iPhone review journey. Strangely enough, it’s one of the apps I first downloaded when I discovered that guitar playing and the iPhone worked so well together. So my journey has almost come full circle. And I’m glad I complete the journey here. AmpKit is one of my favourites in this field.

I should point out (and therefore I will) that AmpKit comes in a free version and the fully loaded AmpKit+ (for $19.99 USD). I have the free version that I’ve enhanced with all the in-app purchases I’ve made over time to get the sounds I’m searching for. AmpKit for iPhone

AmpKit and GuitarJack—Better Than Me

Sometimes a Blog title just works for more than one simple reason. Luckily for me, this is one of those instances. One reason, is that the technology that I am lucky enough to have at my disposal—AmpKit for recording and GuitarJack for connecting—is better than me. The technology is almost flawless. My guitar playing skills are not. Another reason the title of this article works is that I’m writing about how AmpKit and GuitarJack allowed me to record a song I wrote titled Better Than Me.

The rest of the article goes downhill from here. Sorry about that. AmpKit and GuitarJack—Better Than Me

Recording the guitar with an iPhone

A while ago I posted this article on my custom-built and twice-hacked website. I put a lot of effort into the website and a decent amount of work into the article. It seemed logical to me to keep at least one of them. So, with minor edits that make the content relevant to this new website, here is the saved article.

Recording the guitar with an iPhone