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Last night I had a blast playing guitar on an iPad through AmpKit. I’ve mentioned AmpKit before on more than one occasion (once for a review of sorts and another time to document how I experimented with AmpKit and GuitarJack).

That’s some pretty clever linking right there.

Anyhow, since writing those articles my whole iOS world has changed on account of my iPhone 3GS dying—it was a faithful device that in the end brought me much joy—which has seen me enter the world of the iPhone 4S and the iPad 3. I’m somewhat lucky and I am fairly aware of that. Fairly aware, not fully aware. I don’t get as much sleep as I should.

Once I’ve got my work out of the way—that’s why I have these devices—I like to unwind with some good old fashioned iOS guitar playing/recording. Actually it wouldn’t be old fashioned as this kind of technology is rather recent when you think about it. New fashioned guitar playing/recording is what I like. Last night I liked it so much it left me with an urge to share (images and free AmpKit presets).

Today I’ll do that sharing.

I’ve created one very basic preset on the iPhone which I’ve called Remediate Metal. It uses a Peavey amplifier, Rocktron HUSH pedal and the EQ Monster pedal.

I’ve also created a basic preset on the iPad which I’ve called Rocktron Noiseless Metal. It uses a Taos amplifier, Rocktron HUSH pedal and the Rocktron Metal Planet Distortion pedal.

If you haven’t looked at the Rocktron pedals, make sure you check out the videos on their website. They look like seriously wicked pedals. I can (and will) say that in AmpKit they’re simply awesome. But why take my written word for it? Listen for yourself and make up your own mind using your ears (which I believe are somehow linked to your mind).

Below is a simple riff I came up with when putting together my Rocktron Noiseless Metal preset. Remember, focus on the sound, not the skill. Skill is not being judged here. I do that enough on my own.

If you happened to like that sound, or if you’re curious about the Remediate Metal preset I’ve also mentioned, you’re welcome to download the presets to your own instance of AmpKit. You’ll require the appropriate pedals (Rocktron) of course, but if you don’t have them chances are you’re already regretting that.


Rocktron Noiseless Metal preset

Remediate Metal preset

While I’m sharing, here are the other presets I’ve shared in previous articles on this Blog. The Blog you’ll now spend some time going through. You know you want to …

Scary New Metal

Scary Reverb Chorus

Sultan of Sting

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