My Pro Tone Pedals Skumstortion settings

Recently I wrote about the Skumstortion pedal I purchased from Pro Tone Pedals. It’s a wicked sounding (and looking) pedal. I knew that. I’d written about it. I just hadn’t been able to share the auditory coolness with people … Until now. I bring you terrible video footage of my favourite Pro Tone Pedals Skumstortion settings.

Now I have the power of video. View (and listen) to the awesome sounds of my Skumstortion pedal!

I received some great advice from the cool people at Pro Tone Pedals in regards to recording crystal clear audio by plugging the Skumstortion pedal into the iPad and using AmpKit as the clean amplifier sound. For me, it worked a treat. I was actually very surprised at how clear the signal was from pedal to iPad app.

I used the Colonel 900 amplifier head and cabinet for my recordings. I found the preset I’d created sounded almost identical to my own amplifier settings at home (in the real world). Thanks to technology (and the clever people at Pro Tone Pedals) I was able to record the sounds I hear when I play directly into my own amplifier. This was clearer than my attempts at recording from the amplifier to the iPad. My amplifier doesn’t do quiet very well.

And so the power of technology allows me to now share it all with you. Just not directly on this site. Why? The video contains colour. And I don’t allow that here. Edit: This site now allows colour (circa 2014).

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