Skumstortion by Pro Tone Pedals

Recently Pro Tone Pedals had a Flash Sale of the Skumstortion pedal which allowed me to pick it up for just $50.00 plus postage. I’d been watching Pro Tone Pedals for a while on the likes of Twitter and YouTube and always liked the look (and sound) of what I’d seen so I jumped at the opportunity. Having now received my pedal in the mail, I’m glad I did. This pedal rocks.

I might try to make my own video one day soon—this would be a first for me on this kind of thing—so you can see and hear the tonal varieties this pedal has to offer. For now, check out what I got in the mail.

My pedal box arrived safe and sound to Australia all the way from the USA with its box intact and none the worse for wear after days at sea (figuratively speaking). Knowing how the American date system differs from my own in Australia (we use the day/month/year method) I thought it was cool that my pedal was tested on 09/10/11 and I received it on 10/11/12. Awesome continuity!

When I got my package I felt like I was receiving a custom car part. Something truly rustic, metal and cool. I was partially right and the experience just got better.

Yes, I am talking/writing about the opening of a box.

At first I opened the box and saw the promotional card for Pro Tone Pedals and thought I’d received a different pedal to the one I’d ordered. Then I realised I’m an idiot and that I was looking at a promotional card. I removed the promotional card to then discover … some awesome! Once again I felt like I was receiving a custom part for an old hot rod I was building. The packaging for this pedal is just brilliant. But wait … What is that hidden at the back of the box there? Why they’re just some awesome stickers. I was loving this process way too much considering I hadn’t made it to the reason I’d made a purchase in the first place yet. So, what was hiding under that fancy cloth?

My very own Pro Tone Pedals Skumstortion pedal. Sitting there proudly in its own protective cloth all safe and sound. Ready to be released from the confines of its cardboard containment chamber and plugged into the power and amplification it will now call home in my guitar room.

There you have it.

This pedal has one of the best designed interfaces I’ve seen on a guitar pedal in regards to knob/button placement and overall pedal design. That is one of the reasons I decided to make the purchase in the first place. The other reason was the tones I was hearing when watching the videos on YouTube.

Having played the pedal myself for a day so far, I’m beyond happy with the purchase. I don’t believe I’ve used a tone knob on anything as much as I have on this pedal. It seems to have such great effect on the sound possibilities. I love it. As mentioned at the beginning of the article, I’ll do my best to put together a video one day soon so you can hear the sounds I now hear. Until then, enjoy the colour images from this article on my Tumblr site.

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