Alphabet playlist of metal—the ‘Y’ fortnight

I thought the letter Y would be difficult. And it has been. On the bright side, it hasn’t provided fewer tracks than the letter X did. Sadly, it has not provided more either. It’s going to be another fortnight of repetition for this playlist.

As per the previous entry in this series, there was a lot of effort in locating new bands that started with this fortnight’s letter. But, I honestly only have three surprise additions. Two bands I knew already and one was suggested by one of my ever-helpful work colleagues. They’ve saved a few of my fortnightly articles thankfully.

The other three bands were hard to locate and difficult to find extensive tracks to choose from.

If you’re thinking of starting a band and you want your band to stand out, Y might be a great letter to consider. You’ll definitely have band name recall if you get it right.

The Y list

  • Yüth Forever—Ugly
  • Y&T—Rock & Roll’s Gonna Save the World
  • You Am I—Mr. Milk
  • Yob—Ablaze
  • Yuck Fou—The Likes of You
  • Yes—Long Distance Runaround

Yuck Fou. That band name may take the top prize for coolest band name. I love it.

Y&T and Yes were the bands I could recall on my own. You Am I was one that was suggested to me. When it was, it was one of those “Oh yeah!” moments for me. I sadly have a lot of those moments daily.

So, one more fortnight entry to go—Z. If everyone doesn’t have the same first band in mind there, I’ll be shocked. Let’s see if I can produce a list with more than the obvious band.

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