End of a decade, end of the multi-site approach

For the last couple of years, I’ve been attempting to create and maintain a multiple-website presence for my Scarebear brand/identity/handle. There was a website for the parent brand—the domain you’re currently on—as well as dedicated websites for my hobbies which include the following …

  • Guitars
  • Photography
  • Graphic design

This approach involved individual logos for each website/interest. It also involved multiple instances of WordPress and multiple domains and SSL certificates. It was a lot of work and more money than I should have put into a hobby—or collection of—that brings me no income.

So, as we enter 2020—another decade that will probably disappoint me in regards to its lack of hover cars—I thought I’d simplify my online presence. Today is the implementation of that approach. One website—hopefully in the coming seven days—with a sensible use of categories to handle all of my interests. If this works, people can see my guitar-related content in isolation, or mixed among my other interests.

If it doesn’t work, people—potentially including you if you’ve stuck with me this far in this article—will see all of the varied interests that keep my mind occupied when I’m not filling the majority of my days with my day-to-day activities that continue to put food on the table.

Fingers crossed. This could be a hectic week.

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