Alphabet playlist of metal—the ‘X’ fortnight

Excellent, exceptional and exceedingly brilliant are all words that do not start with the letter X. Finding descriptive words that start with an X is a difficult task.

So is finding band names starting with the letter X. But here we are.

I’d suggested with the W playlist that the final three entries in this series may be tougher to populate. X has proven to be one tough cookie indeed. I couldn’t find more than six bands I’d consider listening to in a loop while driving to and from work.

Knowing I’d be hearing these songs more regularly than songs in larger playlists—I’m looking at you M, S and T—it was vital that I could listen to these tracks with increased frequency.

In regards to the process for putting this list together, there was a lot of Google assistance required. I searched high and low in YouTube, Google Play Music and Google search. It was tough. But, I did find these six bands. All with their own content in Google Play Music. Hooray!

The X playlist

  • Xisforeyes—The Sermon
  • xRepentancex—Through Eyes Unclouded
  • XYZ—Inside Out
  • X Opus—On Top of the World
  • X-Terra—Warrior
  • Xentrix—Bury the Pain

Of those bands, XYZ is most likely the only band I had heard of before. So from a new music perspective, this fortnight’s entry has given me a lot of new material.

I also discovered a lot of extremely brutal metal bands that I’d not be comfortable listening to in heavy rotation. Those bands would probably prefer to be labelled as Xtremely brutal bands though.

I’m surprised it took this long to create such a small playlist though. The alphabet has been pretty helpful up until now. Hopefully the letter Y will produce at least six entries as well. I honestly feel like the year is going wind down in an anticlimax with Z though.

Stay tuned …

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