Alphabet playlist of metal—the ‘W’ fortnight

My last entry in this fortnightly series of alphabet-driven playlists of heavy/metal bands was rather late. To make up for that and to get back on track (in a manner of speaking), I thought I’d add the W entry one day early. Mixing things up like a boss!

I honestly thought that last week’s entry for the V playlist got lucky with the number of bands it ended up with. My ongoing suspicion has been that these final entries in the alphabet would provide slim pickings. W has pleasantly surprised me as well.

I knew more W bands than I did V bands—without relying on the suggestions Google Play Music and YouTube provided. With those suggestions added though, this fortnight’s list has a respectable 15 bands in it—more than enough to keep me listening to music without repetition on my drives to and from work.

As that was my original desire at the beginning of this project, I’m pleased to know this fortnight will be an enjoyable one.

Knowing I was going to have my favourite tracks from bands such as W.A.S.P., Wage War, White Zombie, Whitesnake, Wolfmother and Wovenwar had me looking forward to this playlist. Adding nine other cool songs when the research was completed just made this playlist more solid.

Maybe X, Y and Z won’t be as slim as I’ve been thinking. They probably will though. Anyhow, this fortnight’s listening pleasure looks like this.

The W list

  • War of ages—Creator
  • Wage War—Who I Am
  • White Zombie—More Human Than Human
  • Written By Wolves—Tell Me What You’re Running From?
  • W.A.S.P.—Arena of Pleasure
  • Wovenwar—Lines in the Sand
  • While She Sleeps—SO WHAT?
  • Whitesnake—Here I Go Again
  • We Came As Romans—Carry the Weight
  • Warkings—Gladiator
  • Wolfmother—White Unicorn
  • The White Strips—Seven Nation Army
  • Watt White—Eye of the Storm
  • We are the Empty—Kings and Clones
  • Wild fire—Villain

Bonus points go to Wage War and Wolfmother for having songs that also started with the letter W.

Now to start looking hard for the next three playlist entries. They’re going to be tougher for sure. I hope to be wrong about that.

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