Alphabet playlist of metal—the ‘V’ fortnight

Very, very late. That’s how I’d describe this fortnight’s entry for the alphabet playlist of metal. I guess in my case, V is not for virtuous.

If you were reading my last entry in this series, you would have seen my concern for the lack of potential bands as I roll out the end of the alphabet. Well I am pleased to say that V has pleasantly surprised me. This playlist isn’t as short as I’d thought it may be.

Having said that—or typed if I’m going to be technical—I knew exactly where my list would start. The band I believe first gave me my “Holy [insert expletive]” moment in regards to the majesty of the guitar was Van Halen. Sure, I’d listened to guitar-heavy bands before that, but I can still remember hearing Eddie Van Halen playing Eruption and basically going …


My reaction is still the same today.

In regards to the rest of this playlist, Velvet Revolver was most likely the only other band I added without any real research. After that, I had a lot more success than I’d expected when I went down the rabbit warren of the Google Play Music recommendations.

Let’s see what a mostly-recommended playlist looks like shall we?

The V list

  • Van Halen—Ice Cream Man
  • Velvet Revolver—Fall to Pieces
  • Villain of the Story—Piece of Mind
  • Vesta Collide—I Can’t Sleep
  • Valis Ablaze—Ascent (featuring Sam Bell)
  • Venom—Black Metal
  • Violent New Breed—Bury Me (featuring Howard Jones)
  • Vitja—Light Blue
  • Varials—The Love Machine
  • Vein—Old Data in a New Machine
  • Visceral Disgorge—Spawn of Putridity

I’m not even sure that most of those band names are using real words. I do know that they’re all creating really good music though. There’s quite a variety of styles, but it’s all heavy.

If you’re a Van Halen fan, you may be wondering about the song I chose from their debut release. In my opinion, Ice Cream Man is the coolest—see what I did there?—song from that album.

Prove me wrong.

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