Alphabet playlist of metal—the ‘U’ fortnight

Uh oh. That starts with the letter U and also perfectly depicts my feelings for how the rest of this year’s article series on an alphabet themed playlist is likely to pan out. How many bands can start with the letters U, V, W, X, Y or Z?

Not too many I suspect. For now, let’s see how many U bands I managed to find. This could be a short and simple read for you. Or for U.

I’ll be honest, I considered cutting this project short. Not by ending it before the series ran its course to the letter Z, but by admitting defeat and creating a final series article that combined several of the alphabet’s final letters. That felt like a cop-out though and I’ve pulled the plug on too many digital projects in recent years.

So the next few articles may be very short. But they will be consistently one letter at a time. Let’s see how short and sweet the U list is shall we?

The U list

  • Upon a Burning Body—All Pride No Pain
  • The Unguided—Phoenix Down
  • Unearth—Incinerate
  • Ugly Kid Joe—Goddamn Devil
  • Underoath—ihateit
  • Unprocessed—Fear
  • UFO—Rock Bottom
  • Uriah Heep—Stealin’
  • Unleashed—Lead Us Into War
  • U2—Where The Streets Have No Name

It’s not a big list, but it’s a diverse list. There’s a variety of rock and metal genres and there’s a huge range of eras being covered in that list.

Thanks alphabet. How else would we see a musical playlist that combines UFO, Ugly Kid Joe, U2 and Uriah Heep?

I did have to dig deep and research for related artists a little bit hard this fortnight, but I ended up with more bands than I expected. Lucky me. Lucky U.

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