Pro Tone Pedals new Creatures range

If you’ve never heard me mention the love I have for my Skumstortion pedal by Pro Tone Pedals, then you clearly haven’t been paying attention. I love that pedal and I’ve been following Pro Tone Pedals around the social media traps since (and before) that purchase. So imagine my delight when I saw the release of the new Creatures range of guitar pedals. These not only look amazing—nobody makes pedals with as much graphic design brilliance as Pro Tone Pedals—they sound amazing as well.

There are four pedals in the Creatures range. They are:

To be honest I expected my favourite pedal to be the Franken Drive. I’ve always loved the overdriven tones Pro Tone Pedals generates. I’m yet to capture that perfectly myself when I record with my Skumstortion pedal, but the tones I hear are amazing. Trust me.

But I digress.

The tone that appeals to me the most based on the SoundCloud samples comes from the Lagoon Tremolo. Clean and overdriven sound samples sound amazing. Creepy, but amazing.

Hopefully there will be more audio and video performances from this new range for us to feast our eyes and ears on soon. I know I’ll be watching. At $199USD each (with global free shipping) I’m even tempted to add one of these to my Christmas wishlist.

Oh, I mentioned earlier that nobody make pedals that look as good as the ones Pro Tone Pedals make. These pedals are no different. With artwork by Sam Shearon, these pedals look like stompable pieces of art. Art I can appreciate.

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