Alphabet playlist of metal—the ‘J’ fortnight

I’ll say one thing—I’m glad it’s a public holiday today in my neck of the woods. This free day has given me the time to post something for my fortnightly article series for the first time in a long time. If I was to say another thing, it would be that I don’t live in, or anywhere near, the woods.

It would make sense for a Scarebear though. I’ll look into it one day.

When I was getting close to the end of my fortnight of I tunes—not to be confused with iTunes—I was wondering if a J theme of band tunes would be another two weeks of less than stellar music. How many bands can there be that start with J?

I don’t know the answer to that question, but I do know that I ended up with more bands than I thought I would. It could have been more too. I had quite a few suggestions that I’d never heard of. They just weren’t for me.

One thing that did happen with this fortnight’s entry that I don’t recall happening yet, was the inclusion of multiple instrumental artists. John 5 and John Petrucci both made this fortnight’s list and both are insanely talented guitar players.

Maybe it’s easier for this list to exist because of individuals’ names more-so than band names. Jerry Cantrell is also in this list for example. He’s one of those overly talented people though. He can sing just as well as he can play guitar.

My name also starts with J. But I’m not in this list because I sing as poorly as I play guitar. So, “You’re welcome” I suppose. Here’s who is talented and list worthy.

The J list

  • Jerry Cantrell—Dickeye
  • Judas Priest—Breaking the Law
  • Jebediah—Teflon
  • Jane’s Addiction—Underground
  • Jonathon Davis—Everyone
  • John 5—Black Widow of La Porte
  • Jimmy Eat World—Sweetness
  • Jack Off Jill—Strawberry Gashes
  • Jared Dines—Gaze into the Iris
  • Junius—Clean the Beast
  • John Petrucci—Glasgow Kiss

Jonathon Davis and Jared Dines are also in this list because of their own names and not a band name. Still, they rock and they meet the criteria. I am now already wondering if K will bring more bands than names. Luckily I have two weeks to worry about that.

If only there was also another public holiday coming up to allow me time to get the next post out on time. Bah … who needs sleep?!

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